About Us

Family Matters

This wonderful woman has been in my life for many years and they have flown.

Together, Jen and I make a great team building the life we want with our daughter, Caitlin.

It has always been my aim to live a life that sets an example of what can be achieved with hard work, commitment and having a vision to create our own future.

Jen is an amazing support and helps to keep my business organised and running smoothly so I can focus on helping you!

Business Owner

During my 10 years working as a dietitian, I have helped many people achieve optimal health.  Using a wide range of tools to engage with my patients and clients including preventing long term conditions with healthy eating advice & helping people recover from serious illness by building them up to get back to living their life.

After going through my own personal transformation and feeling the benefits of prioritising self-care I wanted to share what I had learnt so many more people can benefit and elevate their lives to a whole new level.

I am now a personal trainer based in Hull, working with my amazing clients brings me so much joy.

Joining clients on their journey and seeing them achieve what they thought was impossible is the ultimate reward!



On The Journey With YOU!

Feeling unfit, tired all the time and limited in food choices left my confidence on the floor.

I had let life get in the way of looking after myself and it started to show up everywhere else – family, social and work life took a hit and I felt like I had lost control.

I found my success with the Pro-Fit Personal Training system which helped me to train consistently and supported me while I adapted my nutrition as my goals changed throughout my journey.  I’ve never looked back since!

I am now part of the Pro-Fit family and work along side a network of 132 like-minded trainers.  We share common values and are always eager to help each other so I know I can call upon them if I’m ever unsure.  Being part of a team of individual business owners is unique within this industry!

Our system is invaluable to my development and also to my clients as they grow within our community!

Take a look at how much my colleagues have helped me and 1000’s of others




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